Paul Viapiano, Los Angeles session and studio musician, guitar, mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, remote tracking, music production, music pre-production, recording, FaceTime and Skype guitar lessons, live performance, movie scoring, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra


guitar / mandolin / fretted instruments

I’m first and foremost a working musician. Like nearly all LA session players, my specialties are sight reading & interpretation and being able to work closely with composers and songwriters to find the perfect guitar track quickly.

Acoustic, classical & electric guitars, both vintage & modern, along with mandolin, banjo, dobro, as well as esoteric instruments such as balalaika & ukelele reside in my work collection.

I’ve personally curated a choice of amplifiers, pedals and electronics that match my instruments to bring any style of music to life.

Email me at or call 626.616.4238 for immediate booking on your next session.

music production & pre-production

My pre-production services can help you take the next step when you or your band are getting ready to record. I offer guidance on song selection, writing arrangements or chord charts, co-songwriting, recording your tracks and contracting musicians.

If you’re looking for a producer to help guide you and your project through completion, my experience & organizational skills can be invaluable and save time and money. Whether you’re here in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, we can work together to realize your musical goal.

I want to help you take your music to the next level and would love to chat to answer any questions. Let's start working together by going to my contact page & dropping me a line…

remote tracking from my studio

I offer remote tracking from my studio to collaborate with composers & songwriters from anywhere in the world.

My mic collection (Neumann, Coles, Chameleon Labs, Peluso, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica) matched with Neve & AEA preamps and my engineering experience combine to give you state-of-the-art audio quality with good turnaround time.

I can also work as your contractor to find the right player for your project from among the huge pool of talent in Los Angeles.

I love meeting songwiters, composers and fellow musicians and helping them put the final polish on their projects.

Tell me what you need by going to my contact page to get started...

facetime lessonS & master classes

I’m available for Facetime/Skype lessons to work on any issue you may have or to work in detail on a specific area of interest for guitar, mandolin or other fretted instruments. We can work together on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis and can cover any style of music you’re interested in.

I’m also available for Master Classes, workshops and seminars focusing on a variety of subjects, such as the business of music from the player’s viewpoint, improvisation, reading music, how to practice effectively, tone production and preparing for studio work. An effective program can be specially custom-designed for your students’ interests.

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