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It’s been a long while since I talked about new restaurants here, but I just experienced a brand new place that knocked me out. Wurstkuche is a small sausage grill just to the east of downtown LA, near 3rd and Traction, an area that’s increasingly being populated by artists and young hipsters as it gentrifies from its former iffy and dangerous self.

After reading a small mention in the LA Times, I talked a few of my mates from the Ahmanson Theatre orchestra pit (OK, so I’m doing another show again…sue me!) to take the long hike down from Bunker Hill. After much complaining and several taxi-hailing threats, we arrived at Wurstkuche. Even when armed with the address it’s hard to find the door, but once inside the small counter-ordering area (there’s a larger sit-down area with tables and a bar down a narrow 60-foot hallway), the variety among the meat case and beer taps was mind-bending.

Wurstkuche offers sausage varieties familiar to everyone, such as bratwurst, Italian, kielbasa and Louisiana hot links, but I went in for the exotics. I had an incredibly delicious buffalo, beef and pork sausage with chipotle peppers served, as all their offerings are, on a roll with a choice of carmelized onions, hot and sweet peppers. Also in the case that night were sausages made with duck, rabbit, alligator and rattlesnake as well as those with chicken, turkey and several vegetarian numbers.

The Belgian fries are probably the best in LA, especially when paired with a few of their tasty dipping sauces. The beer selection, especially the Belgian and German beers on tap, has everything from light to black, and can be sampled for the asking. I had an almost black German Koestritzer Schwarzbier from the tap that cooled the chipotle and helped prepare for the leisurely walk back for a second show of two-beat hot jazz and naked women.

February 6, 2009 | Link to this entry


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