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Why I Love Frank Gehry

In Barbara Isenberg’s new book, Conversations with Frank Gehry, Gehry talks about his empathy and concern for musicians and how it influenced his design for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles:

In my initial statement, I talked about a need to make the musicians feel important. So another big piece of this was what the building did for the musicians: what it meant to them, how they felt in it, how they got to it, their point of arrival in their cars, where they parked, where their dressing rooms were. I felt, and the client felt, all of these things were important…

The message you get when you go backstage at most concert halls is that you’re in a dungeon. These poor bastards: they’re asked to come out onstage in their tuxes and play beautiful music, then go back in their holes.

…it was written into the program that the musicians would get facilities that most orchestras don’t get. We thought the ambience was important in order to get people in the mood for making music.

June 15, 2009 | Link to this entry


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