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Here we are in a fresh new year and as I look back on 2007 I’m humbled by how much I have to be thankful for. As a working musician, I’m blessed to get to play every night with great players and good friends down at Wicked. They’re truly a second family, incredibly supportive and hilarious at the same time…how many people get to go to work and absolutely love everyone they work with plus produce such high quality work?

My first family, the one at home that keeps me going every day, has no equal. My wife, Laurie, is always there for me, working hard at her job as a fashion designer and as a mom to Elise. She fields everything from cuts and bruises to making sure we eat our fruits and veggies. She arranges school tours, checks out school scores, is the keeper of our social calendar (slim as that may be these days). We’re both so busy sometimes that we communicate via email, both for its convenience and the big plus that it helps us (me!) remember things we need to talk about.

Talking to each other about the usual household and family stuff isn’t so easy with a four year-old in the house. Elise likes to insert herself in the conversation whenever she can, especially if we’re talking about stuff that is boring to her. She’ll quickly exclaim that I have to “pronounce” her as she grabs her toy microphone to belt out yet another performance of her latest favorite. She corrects my lyrics if I happen to be singing Wicked songs around the house…that’s when she’s not asking me to stop singing because it hurts her ears.

Yesterday, when she was drawing in her notebook I asked her what all the squiggles were. She told me it was a picture of a “maginaw”. A maginaw, what’s that? She told me that a maginaw was when you went on vacation with your mommy and daddy to South America. Oh, OK! The next picture was of a “hemadash”. A hemadash, she explained, was when you got lost in a dark and spooky forest and you could only see one little light in the distance, and it was your mommy looking for you with a flashlight.

You can see why I’m so thankful…

January 10, 2008 | Link to this entry


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