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Recess Time Redux

You would think by now that everyone has woken up to the fact that the country is in its deepest recession in seventy years, but along comes the latest Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog, landing on my doorstep this past week.

I couldn’t help but be amazed and dazed at the American Farmstead Cheese Collection; 1 pound eleven ounces of artisanal fromage priced at $79.95. That’s a bargain compared to their Stilton In A Crock where just eleven ounces will set you back $46. Their USDA Prime Rib Roast is also a steal at $299.99 for a ten pound slab. Even the candy and chocolate consistently comes in at $50 per pound. And get this, peppermint sticks…you know, the candy cane of our childhood, registers $45 for just under 16 ounces.

What’s going on here? At least one new retailer has the right idea. As I drove to my local post office this week, a sign was going up to top off a new establishment in the neighborhood. Appropriately, it read…The 89-cent Store.

December 24, 2008 | Link to this entry


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