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Number 50 with a bullet!

A while ago I mentioned that Google had started using new algorithms to index their search results. This site, which had been showing up near 50 when searching for the word “guitarist”, sank down to the 1,000 area for a few weeks and I couldn’t figure out why that had happened. I read pages and pages online that spoke of sites being downgraded because of low-quality links, broken links, very few quality incoming links and all kinds of other hypothesized reasons. Now, two months later, I’m happy to report that this site turns up at position 50 out of over 45 million search results and I didn’t change a thing. Maybe it just takes time for the new algorithms to work their way into the system. Google remains tight-lipped and it drives all the search engine optimizers crazy, but my guess is that Google doesn’t want anyone to game their system to provide an unfair advantage and skewed results.

September 19, 2006 | Link to this entry


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