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A look back...and ahead

2005 was a terrifically fun year for me in putting this site together. It launched in April and each month has seen a steady increase in visitors, and in any given month 6-11% stay for 15 minutes or longer. I’m thrilled that people are taking their time to read through the archives and discover things they may not have seen on their first time here.

Much thanks goes out to several generous people who have sent many visitors this way. Alex Ross, music critic for The New Yorker magazine, added this site to his music blog list and has been very supportive. Danny Gregory, an artist with a terrific site that deals with creativity, has been an inspiration ever since I met him online. He used a recording of mine to score a drawing demonstration and visitors have been stopping by ever since. Danny has a new book out called The Creative License that I highly recommend. Jason Kottke, one of my favorite well-known bloggers, linked to my Rip and Remix Culture essay and introduced many new readers.

I have a great time writing the pieces for the site, choosing to write longer entries rather than just letting go with a stream of consciousness. (Of course, there are exceptions.) That’s why there are only three or four pieces per month rather than a daily update. The most widely read essay in 2005 was Wynton Marsalis & The City of New Orleans, followed closely by Rip & Remix Culture. In the coming year I’ll continue with the Music in a Digital World series (here are parts one and two), and write more about the copyright debate, an issue that I have particular interest in and one in which my opinion is still being formed by some very persuasive arguments on both sides. I hope to publish several interviews with interesting composers and musicians who are finding new audiences. I’d also like to address issues that affect working musicians and introduce the larger public to the things that musicians are most concerned about.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the design of the site, but will probably make a few tweaks here and there. I’m experimenting with Google ads on the individual archive pages to test out their AdSense program. In the coming weeks, I’ll archive the individual links in the Browsing, Reading and Listening sections, and include a link to them from the front page. That’ll help clean things up yet still have all the previous info easily accessible. I also want to add reader comments at the end of each essay to provide a dialog and gather feedback. I’ll have to upgrade my Movable Type installation in order to do that to stay safe from comment spam. Hopefully, the changeover will be seamless.

I’d love to hear from every reader who stops by, whether you have a comment, criticism, suggestion or just want to say hi. Please drop me an email…

See you in 2006…and have a happy new year!

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Paul Viapiano is a guitarist working in film, television and live performance based in sunny Pasadena, California.

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